Resting v1.9.0 is out

Published on 04/03/2024

A new version of Resting has been released.

What’s new

  • Now it is possible to navigate JSON response in a easy way thank you to the new navigator:

resting screenshot 1

You can collapse and expand complex fields like arrays and objects.

resting screenshot 2

Collapsing these elements you can visualize the count of nested items/fields.

  • Better space management replacing the progress bar of a request execution with a spinner.

resting screenshot 3

Tecnical side

The Chrome extension has been upgraded to manifest v3 because starting from June Google is going to disable every extension v2 in the Chrome Web Store.

Resting is a visual HTTP client browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox focused on debugging, testing and inspecting HTTP and REST requests staying light and uncluttered.

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